BEZEMA AG changes its name to CHT Switzerland AG

Global company name allignments according to the new corporate identity

At the beginning of April 2017, the CHT Group presented its new corporate identity and its new company appearance to the public for the first time. In the future, the Group of companies will operate uniformly worldwide under one umbrella as the CHT Group. As part of this new orientation the company names will be standardised worldwide and BEZEMA AG changes its name to CHT Switzerland AG.

In the past, more than 60 years since its founding, the Group headquartered in Tübingen has grown to more than 20 companies worldwide, which implied a great variety of company names. In addition, a combined logo consisting of two company names, CHT and BEZEMA was chosen a few years ago, which became increasingly confusing and was no longer up-to-date. A uniform appearance for all branch offices and the entire Group of companies had to be created. For this reason BEZEMA AG headquartered in Montlingen in Switzerland changed its name to CHT Switzerland AG as of June 16th, 2017. It is only a change of name, without any takeovers or acquisitions. Everything remains the same at the Swiss subsidiary of the CHT Group.

Dr. Frank Naumann, CEO, gave a clear direction for the repositioning: “It must allow a clear and unambiguous communication. Furthermore the reputation like thunder clap, which the CHT Group has developed as a specialist for textile chemicals, has to be transferred to other market segments, too.” To achieve this, the CHT Group worked out the central elements of a successful market presence including brand core, positioning and its own strengths.

The target of this new company appearance is to further strengthen the market activities and to act as a modern, forward-looking and above all uniform Group of companies. The new logo provides more clarity and with the slogan ‟Smart Chemistry with Character”, the CHT Group gives the brand a convincing promise, which business partners can count on.


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EntreprisePressemitteilung | Namensänderung in CHT Switzerland AGPress release | Name change to CHT Switzerland AGDocument23.06.2017