Mobility, health and an active contribution to environmental protection

CHT R. Beitlich GmbH establishes the JobRad - company bicycle concept

Since recently the staff of CHT R. Beitlich GmbH has been able to lease a so-called company bicycle via their employer. According to the German tax regulation of 2012 the privileged status of company cars has been expanded to bicycles and e-Bikes.

Thus employees can make up to 40 % of savings on the complete costs. CHT also directly supports every lessee by taking over the costs for the mandatory bicycle insurance.

Bicycle leasing not only offers the well-known tax benefits but brings further positive effects. After all, a bicycle ride may possibly replace the polluting use of a car and it additionally promotes health.

CHT’s cooperation partner is JobRad, a brand of LeaseRad GmbH from Freiburg. More than 2,500 JobRad traders can be found all over Germany. A CHT company portal on the JobRad website allows for a quick and easy way to a new bicycle.

The staff shows great interest since JobRad…

… promotes the environmentally friendly mobility with a use for work and for leisure time

… underlines the commitment to sustainability and personal health

… benefits from cost advantages through deferred compensation (gross/net effect)

… provides for a manageable cost burden through instalment payment

… is promoted since the employer takes over costs (bicycle insurance is paid by the employer)


Mr Peter Hepper, Head of Human Resources, is convinced of the new offer: “This is an absolutely contemporary concept which has equally inspired Management, staff and works council. As a consequence, it was a matter of course to us to let all German sites participate in the JobRad concept. We are very excited to see how many company bicycles we will get on our roads in the future.“

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