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Sustainability corresponds to our culture and tradition as a company belonging to a Foundation. We are aware of our corporate, social and environmental responsibility. Sustainability is - besides innovation and our corporate values – of central importance for the orientation and management of the company.

For this reason, we embedded sustainability both, strategically and organizationally, in our company. We target measurable sustainability goals within context of our entrepreneurial commitment and define measures for their implementation.

At ITMA 2015, which takes place from the 12th - 19th of November in Milan, we would like to show you what we mean by "We take care for sustainability" and how you can benefit from it.

Get an idea of our profile and our range of services and visit us at ITMA 2015 in hall 8 at stand E113 (Main stand) and in hall 5 stand H102 (Jeans & Garment)

Hydrophobizing without fluorine and environmental risk

The ECOPERL series, which is being promoted under the label zeroF, ensures highly efficient water repellency of your textiles without compromising the breathability or the washing resistance - the ideal finishing for all outdoor textiles.

High-performance coatings enable to virtually meet all technical requirements - customized and target- oriented, adjusted to your needs.

Coating is a form of minimum application

The one-sided application of finishing effects or softeners is accompanied by savings of water, energy and chemicals, thus ensures a clear plus for our environment.

A large number of our softeners can be used, e.g. TUBINGAL HWS, based on the latest generation of silicones, convincing with excellent hydrophilic properties and unequalled wearing comfort – a real all-rounder.

Formaldehyde-free textile finishing

Easy iron and less wrinkles – without remorse and environmentally friendly? We have got the right product for you: REAKNITT ZF is completely free of formaldehyde and yet scores in terms of smoothness appearance and dimensional stability.

ARRISTAN CPU provides highly flexible finishing effects based on the newly developed, formaldehyde-free polyurethane compound. ARRISTAN CPU delivers a versatile performance profile, is easy to combine, and saves resources as it works without any additional fixation.

Formaldehyde-free binders (TUBIFAST FF range) and fixers for brilliant pigment prints complement the eco-friendly range.

CHT printing pastes – the one and only alternative when it comes to eco-friendly printing

Water-based, PVC- and phthalate-free printing pastes of the CHT Group are powerful alternatives to traditional, environmentally questionable printing systems. PRINTPERFEKT printing systems meet the highest demands in terms of printing quality and process control and so are certainly competitive.


DURON spin finishes enable sustainable use of resources, the way to manufacture used bottles into fibres for hygienic application.

Optimized fibre auxiliaries, e.g. DURON ES 3165, impart the desired balance between wetting, spreading and migrating of fluids throughout the entire diaper construction.

The diaper will be thinner, comfort will be higher and the skin will remain dryer – all this is achieved due to clever formulation of the DURON spin finish in use.

Modular concept for sustainable cotton dyeing in discontinuous processes

Individually used, every single product already possesses characteristics for a more sustainable process control.

A usage in a modular way, however selected according to the article to be treated  or process to be run, leads to treatment concepts with a win-win situation: for the environment and for you.

SARABID MIP is a proven all-rounder, suitable for every machine in the prewash and for a controlled dyeing process.

VARIO BLEACH 3E is the new development for a gentle fibre treatment that always fits like a missing puzzle piece.

VARIO BLEACH 3E can be used in low-temperature bleaching, in bleaching with standard formulations and also in high-temperature bleaching. The advantage is noticeable in energy and process cost savings.

BEZAKTIV GO is a sustainable reactive dyestuff-range, achieving highest scores on quality and colour brilliance based on dyeing and rinsing temperatures of only 40°C. The GO dyeing processes results in a significant savings of water, energy and salt.

VARIOSOAPING by COTOBLANC SEL is the ideal wash-off treatment as you neither have to fear staining of bright colours nor crossstaining despite a lower number of rinsing baths.

Clever wash with FELOSAN FOX

FELOSAN FOX is the new generation of a more efficient detergent convincing with excellent washing results compared to traditional detergents. This not only saves costs but also conserves resources. Beyond that, FELOSAN FOX is easier biodegradable than traditional detergents.


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