CHT R. Beitlich GmbH receives ISO 50001 Certificate for Energy Management

CHT ISO 50001 Certificate for Energy Management

This certificate is the result of a long process that actually already began in 2000. Ever since the EEG (Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz = Renewable Energy Act), came in force, CHT R. Beitlich GmbH has been systematically dealing with the topic of energy savings. Based on a first detailed energy analysis in 2005, energy saving targets have been annually defined and measures have been implemented. With the 2nd amendment of the EEG in 2013, a change of the electricity tax act came in force where companies were offered the possibility of introducing an energy management system and getting taxes reimbursed for energy sources (electricity, natural gas, heating oil). Potential savings range from top savings for the production industry (CHT) up to total remission of electricity taxes for companies with particularly high energy intensity. Proof of an energy management system currently brings CHT R. Beitlich GmbH an annual substantial tax refund.

More important, however, are the additional savings of energy costs through the systematic optimisation of internal consumption. The management of CHT R. Beitlich GmbH therefore decided in 2013 to implement an energy management system in three steps over a period of three years. An interdisciplinary and cross-plant project team was formed and an energy commissioner was assigned. The individual introduction steps ended in 2013 and 2014 with an audit and in July 2015 with the successful certification according to ISO 50001 by DEKRA.

The strategic objectives of CHT R. Beitlich were the reduction of the specific energy consumption by 5% within the next 5 years and the increase in the share of renewable energy by 20% over the same period. Individual measures with goal achievements were defined.

Through the startup of a new, more efficient compressed air generation system and the installation of an energy-saving refrigeration plant for the production of cooling water, about 135 MWh per year can now be saved. Further projects are already planned for different sites and are part of the medium-term investment plans.

End of 2014 there was a Germany-wide change in terms of green energy. The energy used entirely derives from plants of renewable electricity and reflects with higher costs. This voluntary increase in renewable energy shares is exemplary for the sustainable and value-orientated corporate policy of the company group.

Also for the coming years the company group has plans to undertake quite a bit in terms of energy. Among others, staff members are invited to actively take part in an energy savings competition.

“We are working on the continuous improvement of our energy performance and want to document this by specific figures”, says Dr. Bernhard Hettich, responsible as COO for all production sites and the energy management system within the CHT Group. “We also want to roll out our energy policy on an international scale”.


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