CHT Health Days 2016

A varied programme at all German sites

In April and May it was that time again – on four days altogether health was in the focus at CHT R. Beitlich GmbH. All the German sites, i.e. Tübingen, Dusslingen, Geretsried and Oyten, offered the programme in slightly varied form.

The elevator at the site in Tübingen involuntarily contributed its very own share to this year’s health day. Since it was out of order all the participants had to take the stairs to reach the location on the fifth floor. So, just like in Helene Fischer’s song “Take a breath“ they had to recover first before they could join the “exercise programme”, the kickoff of this year’s health day.

After these exercises lectures were held, e.g. “Medical check-ups“ which showed the different preventive health examinations offered by the statutory health insurances for women and men at a certain age. The “Live your life in balance“ programme presented ways of an improved self-perception and an increased self-protection. “Action“ was the slogan at the Life Kinetics workshop, above all during the juggling of balls with a partner. However, the participants also worked up a sweat during the Life Kinetics cross exercises for an increased body coordination and concentration.

At the back training course, the CHT staff could test their abdominals and back muscles as well as their coordination abilities and body perception.

Whoever was interested, came to the apple vitamin station and learned about the vitamin content of different apple varieties and about their nutrient value for health.

What skin type do I have? An answer was given by the melanin skin check. This test also informed about the individual length of safe sun exposure in dependence of the skin type.  

The versatile offers of our cooperation partners of AOK, of IG BCI as well as of the Life Kinetics trainer Mr Ott attracted much interest. In 2016, the various events were therefore again attended by many employees.

We would like to thank all external and internal cooperation partners and helpers who contributed to a successful health day very much. Now, it’s up to our staff to integrate these new impressions and facts in their everyday life.