Grüezibag and CHT | A success story that benefits the environment

The innovative Biopod DownWool Ice CompostAble sleeping bag made by Grüezibag is currently everbody’s favourite. Interested customers have to accept longer delivery times due to the high demand. The reason for this high demand is not only the excellent sleeping comfort offered by this outdoor equipment but also its completely reduced ecological footprint.

Grüezibag is a highly innovative Bavarian sleeping bag manufacturer. For quite some time this young company has stirred up the outdoor industry with its new ideas, among others by combining a mix of down and wool fibres for filling the sleeping bags. Grüezibag was honoured with numerous prizes and awards from the outdoor sector for the development of this very advantageous combination of both materials (DownWool).

As if this wasn’t enough, Grüezibag had the vision of manufacturing a sleeping bag that is completely harmless to the environment. The complete sleeping bag system was to be biodegradable.
The Bavarian inventors had already almost all components at hand, e.g. a modified PES fibre for the outside material which is degradable under composting conditions. Yet, there was one decisive component that was still missing - dyes which are equally harmless.

That was when the CHT Group and its sustainability expertise came into play. The CHT experts at the centre of excellence for dyes at CHT Switzerland developed the optimum recipe for dyeing these special fibres.
The innovative special  BEMACRON dyes are degradable and environmentally friendly. 

We are very proud that sustainable CHT products are used for dyeing the Biopod DownWool Ice CompostAble Sleeping Bag.


Grüezibag and CHT - a success story that benefits the environment.