CHT Group with a new management team still on course for success

CHT´s new management team
  • 2014 has been the most successful year of the group of companies until present reporting sales of 385 million EUR – and anticipating further growth in 2015
  • New Management Team promises consistency in setting and developing objectives and processes
  • Traditionally as foundation company, a value-based company management, innovation and sustainability are still our guidelines
  • TOP Job Award - on the basis of our motivated staff members

The sales development in 2014 could even surpass the extremely strong business year of 2013. This consistently positive development was mostly driven by the companies in Turkey, Germany and Switzerland. Furthermore, in 2014, the group of companies could profit from a worldwide strong demand of textile industry in selected threshold states. Remarkably successful were the countries of Turkey, Colombia, Mexico and Bangladesh.

With 385.3 million EUR the group turnover was at the end of year 2014 about 20 million EUR or 7.8% above the preceding year. The year 2015 is progressing with promising results. The Management expects again a growth of sales for the whole year of approx. 20 million EUR. Growth would be again approx. 5 percent, and for the first time the group could exceed the considerable threshold of 400 million EUR of sales.

In 2014, the operating result (EBIT) reached with 35.6 million EUR its highest point, due to the very positive development of sales on the one hand and the favourable situation in the raw materials markets on the other hand. In 2014 again, the sales share obtained with the more service intensive and the higher margin specialty chemical business could be expanded even more compared to the so-called commodity business. The annual net profit in 2014 was 24.8 million EUR after 15.7 million EUR in the preceding year. For the year 2015, due to a slight decrease of the mentioned special effects and disadvantageous effects after the revaluation of the Swiss franc the company expects a slightly decreasing, but still very good operating result (EBIT) at a size of 30 million EUR. The unexpected revaluation of the Swiss franc in January will definitely charge the group with much more than 5 million EUR.

The investments increased from 10.4 million EUR in 2013 to 16.9 million EUR in 2014. For the current year, investments running up to 18.7 million EUR are planned. In 2014, group-wide the considerable amount of about 70% of the annual surplus was reinvested. In 2015, this rate will be even clearly increased. The company understands this as clear commitment to the existing production sites and workplaces. At the end of 2014 the group had 1,701 staff members, about 1/3 of them in Germany at the sites of Tübingen (322), Dusslingen (199), Oyten (62) and Geretsried (28).

These are ideal conditions for a new CEO: Dr. Frank Naumann assumed the chairmanship of the management of the CHT Group on 1st January 2015 of Mr. Mechel, who retired.

Dr. Frank Naumann, who started his career in management at Henkel, considers this pole position both as incentive and task. His primary objective is to keep the group of companies’ success, and he specifies his statement by saying, “Today’s profits are tomorrow’s investments and the workplaces of the day after tomorrow.”

Together with his colleagues, Jan Siebert, responsible for the commercial sector of the Group of companies since a year and Dr. Bernhard Hettich, with 14 years as COO for production, logistics and purchasing now the senior of the team, Dr. Naumann considers CHT well prepared for the tasks and targets.

“Our staff members are motivated and committed, and our customers worldwide appreciate very much the products and services of the CHT Group. “

“As economic enterprise, owned by the foundation, we want to develop this strength and orientation by keeping the tradition of a fair human resources policy and by positioning our company on the market with innovative and most of all sustainable products and process solutions”, says Dr. Naumann.

For a chemical company like CHT which offers chemical specialties for industrial production processes, innovation is of major importance. It is the only way to ensure the future of the company in the long term. For us sustainability, however, means a lot more. "Sustainability is so to speak“, says Dr. Naumann, “comparable to the DNA of our company, it corresponds to our culture and our self-concept as economic enterprise“.

At CHT sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. The customers can expect products and process solutions which make their products more sustainable. In addition, for many years already, investments have been made to optimise our own production and procedure technology and to ensure a sustainable energy management.

“We are very satisfied with the successful certification of our energy management according to ISO 50001, which we could attain in July 2015“, says Dr. Bernhard Hettich. To increase the energy efficiency in the company in the coming years is one of the important objectives which he and his team are committed to. The successful initial operation of the new production plant for pasty products in Dußlingen sees Dr. Hettich as his specific challenge. There is a worldwide increase of the demand of the so-called “pastes” in all industrial sectors supplied by CHT. As for processing technology or production technology the product class is of high quality and complex.

Apart from the mentioned capacity increase, the investment in Dußlingen also concerns modernisation of the site, and it is thus a clear commitment to the production site and to guarantee the workplaces.

“Investments in innovation and sustainability are not self-sufficient“, says Jan Siebert who as CFO is also responsible for the human resources of the CHT Group. ”Committed qualified and motivated staff members are guarantors of our success, and I aim at a human resources development with international focus. “

This year’s participation in the Compamedia “TOP JOB Award“ had to be considered as positioning with regard to the “employer’s quality“.  CHT immediately succeeded in being placed among the best employers of medium-sized companies. “Besides the award the competition has shown us topics with development potential“, says Jan Siebert. “We want to improve in the sector of international career opportunities and create attractive offers for our future managers. Furthermore we will continue to invest in the sector of work-life-balance to improve compatibility of job and family and to take account of changing demographic structures“.

From the management’s point of view the growing complexity of the global markets is to promote the awareness of the international management team so that they are able to recognise chances and risks on the market at an early date and to ensure the biggest possible success for the group of companies by cooperating in the worldwide CHT network.