CHT Silicone SE3000 helps drive team to success in Formula Bharat 2020

Formula Bharat is an international competition open to teams of engineering students who design, build and race their both combustion and electric vehicles.

Team Octane Racing Electric from the College of Engineering Pune in India lately achieved overall 2nd place in the Electric Vehicle class and 1st place for their cost and manufacturing elements.

CHT supplied Team Octane Racing with financial support along with SILCOTHERM SE3000, a silicone encapsulant with thermal conductivity which was used to encapsulate the battery pack. After doing their research, Team Octane chose SE3000 with its very low viscosity to improve battery performance by removing air pockets around the battery cells, replacing the air with a thermally conductive silicone allows for more efficient heat dissipation and stability.

CHT are proud to support the next generation of electric vehicle design engineers using “Smart Chemistry with Character”.


For more information on how CHT silicones can be used to improve performance in electric vehicle design and manufacture download our Brochure:

Silicones for Electric Vehicles



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