CHT Group is going be present at EUROMOLD 2014 in Frankfurt and exhibit their broad range of silicone elastomers for numerous industrial applications.

Our focus on this year's exhibition is to provide products within the scope of Rapid Prototyping, which support our customers in order to manufacture prototypes and models accurately in the planning phase – quickly, easily and most important, cost effective. Hereby, we would like to highlight the products Körafrom A 41, Köraform A 42 and Alpa-Sil trans ölend, which enable the production of high quantities due to their excellent quality and mechanic characteristics.

The key points of our product range for model and mold making as well as rapid prototyping are the room-temperature curing systems.
To meet the ever steadily growing market demands and in order to provide to our customers quickly a competitive, high product quality, CHT Group invests in the field of silicone elastomers, especially in new aggregates and production technologies.
Besides the pure product manufacturing synthesis and compounding, the technical application development, which is being enhanced and customized – based on our existing range – together with our customers, is in the foreground. Through these measures, we want to strengthen and expand our leading market position in the field of Rapid Prototyping.

This objective is supported by our continuous research and development activities that are pursued together with our partners and customers. Innovation is one of our most important future engines. Not without reason, CHT R. Beitlich GmbH was awarded for the second time after 2012 in the competition TOP 100, to be one of the most innovative medium-sized companies.

We would like to invite you to discuss your questions on the subjects Model and Mold Making as well as Rapid Prototyping or further application fields such as Orthopedics and Electro Potting directly with us at our booth in Hall 8 / Booth J 111.

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