Chemical fund supports the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Grammar School

2,100 Euro for more practical science lessons

Metzingen, 17th June, 2016. Peter Hepper, Head of Human Resources at CHT R. BEITLICH GMBH in Tübingen handed over a symbolic cheque to School Director Matthias Pröhl and chemistry teacher Wolfgang Bohn from the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Grammar School in Metzingen. With the support of the fund of the chemical industry (FCI) pupils of this school will be able to experiment themselves more often in science lessons. The money will be used for chemicals, precision scales, a digital thermometer, pH electrodes and a conductivity meter.

FCI supports grammar school

In the chemistry lecture hall: pupils of the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer
Grammar School, their Director Matthias Pröhl (left) and the
fund applicant Wolfgang Bohn (back) together with Peter Hepper
(right) are happy about the support by the chemical fund.

Peter Hepper is convinced that pupils learn more easily by means of experiments: ”Experiments do not only impart basic knowledge – whoever has experienced practical chemistry will succeed more likely at school and will even enjoy learning. This is important for the chemical industry because we need school graduates with profound scientific know-how “, says Hepper.

The Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Grammar School was supported several times by this fund, which according to Hepper shows that the school does a great job. “The projects in which pupils participate are exemplary and play an important role for the future choice regarding vocation or studies. The successful participation in ‘Jugend forscht‘ (Youth research) competitions, applicant trainings or the pupil / engineer academy show that this is the perfect investment for the money from our fund.“

For chemical associations a good basic equipment at schools is indispensable. Chemistry teachers at general schools can apply for support through the fund and receive up to 2,500 Euro. Thus, the FCI has so far supported the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Grammar School with a total of 17,650 Euro.

Aside from this offer by the FCI from the “Partnership Chemistry / School“ programme the chemical associations of Baden-Württemberg promote the dialogue between schools and chemical companies focusing on science lessons and further education. The associations also organise a great number of events for teachers, e.g. on safety instructions in science lessons.

Information on the fund of the chemical industry

Since 1950 the Association of the Chemical Industry (VCI) has supported with its fund basic research, junior scientists as well as chemical education at schools. Via its foundation ‘Scholarship Fund’ the fund grants numerous scholarships supporting thus the academic chemical research in Germany in a targeted way. Since 2013 about 7.5 million Euro have been made available to general schools with the “Partnership Chemistry / School“ programme.

Since 2001 more than 23 million Euro have been invested in this programme to support science lessons, among them about 10.7 million Euro to more than 3,400 schools in Germany for equipment and chemicals. The fund invested in teaching materials such as e.g. experiment kits and information materials. Teachers can apply for money from this fund for purchasing equipment or materials for pupils’ experiments. Moreover, the fund grants prizes and awards to scientists, teachers, school book authors as well as to pupils and organises various scientific events.