Excursion of BEZEMA apprentices 2016

What promotes team formation and communication in a group? Paintball.

For this kind of team sport you have to listen to one another, understand one another and also have trust in one another in order to end up being successful. Of course fun is always part of the game. Why not make this idea a company event?

The apprentices and trainers met at 11th of August 7.00 o’clock at the BEZEMA AG. To start the day, they all enjoyed the traditional Swiss croissant and CapriSun which belongs to every excursion. Shortly after that we left for Dietwil to the paintball farm. After changing clothes and listening to instructions, the activities started. During the two very busy and action-packed hours we played various paintball games like “Save the President”, “Capture the Flag” etc.

Quite exhausted, they all enjoyed the relaxing lunch break. After the lunch break we drove to the Tamina Thermal Bath in Bad Ragaz. We relaxed there for two hours in water temperatures between 17° and 39 °Celsius, tanked up new energy and returned to BEZEMA AG at 5 p.m.

It was a great and eventful day for all participants.