European Coatings Show 2019

High-performance additives for sustainable and environmentally friendly coating systems

The variety of paints and coatings not only makes our world more colourful and diversified, it also offers protective functions. Longer shelf lives and longer renovation cycles not only lead to cost savings, but also support sustainability. For this reason, the CHT Group is focusing in particular on the development of emission-reduced and preservative-free formulations.

At the European Coatings Show 2019 in Nuremberg from 19 to 21 March 2019, the CHT Group will present its large range of innovative and high-performance additives, special components, hydrophobing agents and defoamers. You will find us in hall 7, booth 336.

The main focus of our presentation is the wide range of architectural paints and plasters. Innovative hydrophobing agents ensure minimal water absorption and, at the same time, show an optimal water vapour permeability. Natural rheology additives give the plus of stability and processability to your formulations as well as defoamers that increase and complete the efficiency in your production and the effectiveness of your products – merely noticed in the application. Particular focus is put on our product innovations in the field of hydrophobing agents, such as VARIPHOB HP 160 and VARIPHOB HY 300. VARIPHOB HP 160 is a biocide-free polysiloxane which facilitates the formulation of coatings without preservatives. As a further innovation in this segment, we are presenting for the first time in Nuremberg VARIPHOB HY 300, an innovative hydrophobic additive based on a newly developed hybrid technology. It will be also introduced at the European Coating Congress by Dr. Matthias Koch. The lecture with the title "Silicone hybrids - universal talents for facade hydrophobization" will be held on 18 March at 12.30 pm.

Further, HANSA ADD products will also be presented in Nuremberg for industrial and automotive coatings, complementing our high-performance portfolio of substrate wetting agents, levelling agents and defoamers. Optimised for water-based and solvent-free systems, they help to control and reduce the VOC content of your formulations.

In addition, we will present our silicone specialties for the formulation of leather auxiliaries for wet-end applications and finishing at the fair. Like no other chemical material, silicones offer such a wide range of product properties such as softness, gloss, water repellency, hydrophilicity, colour deepening, defoaming or antistatic properties. For the wet finishing sector of the leather industry, the CHT Group also supplies dyeing auxiliaries such as wetting and levelling agents, surfactants and sequestering agents as well as special dyes.

We would like to invite you to discuss your individual application profiles with us and present our specific offers in the areas of Paint & Coating Solutions, Mineral System Solutions and Leather Solutions.

Get your own impression of our profile and our range of services and visit us at ECS 2019.



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