Silver Medal from EcoVadis

Top Result for Corporate Social Responsibility of CHT

In April 2019, CHT Germany GmbH received the scorecard of the annual EcoVadis rating for Corporate Social Responsibility. Pleasingly, the result improved compared to the previous year, so that the Specialty Chemicals Group of Companies is among the top 10% of all rated companies.

The awarded Silver Medal confirms the CHT Group's consistently sustainable course, which is implemented within the framework of its business activities.

The rating is carried out on behalf of the chemical industry initiative "Together for Sustainability" (TfS), in which more than 20 well-known chemical companies are participating. The initiative is intended to promote a worldwide standardisation of ratings and audits of suppliers in the chemical industry. The common goal is the responsible procurement of goods and services as well as the improvement of ecological and social standards among suppliers worldwide.

As a partner of the TfS programme, EcoVadis is responsible for the evaluation process. On the EcoVadis platform, the results are transparently published for all partners. Every purchasing agent can see his supply chain and identify potential improvements regarding his suppliers.

The EcoVadis rating is based on an extensive system of digital questionnaires combined with a complete documentation. The participating companies will be rated in 4 categories - environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

CHT received the best rating for the measures and strategies in the field of environment/ecology, with a result well above the average. The performance in terms of labor and human rights as well as sustainable procurement was also above average. EcoVadis sees potential for improvement primarily in the reporting of compliance requirements within the ethics sector.

The fact that CHT Germany won the award for medium-sized companies in the Responsible Care national competition in 2018, had a particularly positive effect. CHT received the award for the process that controls the reduction of critical raw materials in the company.

"The Silver Medal is an excellent result for us, which continues to spur us on, also because we were able to improve again compared to the previous year", says Dr. Annegret Vester, the CHT Group's Sustainability Coordinator.

"Of course, the rating involves a lot of time and effort. We have to take this into account for delivering to the TfS network. In the end, however, we can also use the analyses to develop further and to draw important conclusions from the industry-wide positioning."


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