Easter camp for the children of CHT R. Beitlich GmbH

CHT Easter cam 2016- climbing impression

When you enter the grounds of the Sports Club TSG Tübingen during holiday seasons, you encounter a lot of smiling children faces and a vivid hustle and bustle. Also during the past Easter holidays there was a lot going on at the TSG. A number of CHT children were in the middle of this run around. They climbed, played soccer or were active in other sports activities.

The Sports Club TSG is a regional cooperation partner of CHT R. Beitlich GmbH in Tübingen. Their generous offer could again be used by company employees to have their children attended during the Easter holidays. Further programme camps were offered in Tübingen and Dusslingen like for example a forest week or a sewing course offered by the Family Education Centre in Tübingen. The colleagues in Oyten could profit from a sports camp at the Sports Club Bremen 1860 or from the holiday programme offered by the community Oyten.

Just like in recent years, all holiday programmes were financially supported by the company.

Altogether 20 children took part in one of the programmes during the Easter holidays and all of them had a lot of fun.

For the summer holidays we are already working on a number of exciting camps. We are looking forward to these events your children will report on.