Greenpeace gets positive interim results concerning DETOX

Majority of food discounters keep their promise

After some random samples had produced questionable results in autumn 2014 Greenpeace checked once more clothes from the supermarket.

Greenpeace mainly wanted to evaluate which developments have actually been effected through the Detox My Fashion campaign. After all, the majority of the German retail giants obliged themselves to refrain from using critical chemicals in their textile articles by 2020.

In a current interview Alexandra Perschau, Greenpeace expert for textiles, reports on the second interim results.

A positive aspect is that a great number of the measures have been successfully implemented by the companies. Substance groups which had been classified as particularly critical have e.g. meanwhile no longer been applied in textile production. As a guideline for retailers there are clear regulations for the use of chemicals within the textile value added chain. Suppliers as the CHT Group provide lists with recommended products that comply with the specific requirements made by traders and by Greenpeace. At the moment, both traders and the chemical industry are working together on the implementation of the Detox targets.

Information on the standards supported by the CHT Group as well as various lists with recommended products of the CHT Group can be found here:


Smart Chemistry with Character

Moreover, the CHT Group keeps its brand promise and meets increasing market challenges with regular innovations. We aim at finding new chemical solutions and newly developed procedures and process technologies to meet the textile requirements.

  • Process optimisation concept for sustainable pretreatment and dyeing (4Success)
  • Water repellency without fluorinated hydrocarbons (zeroF series)
  • Bleaching denim without potassium permanganate (organIQ system)

The CHT Group aims at being the leading reference for sustainable chemical solutions. Within the sustainability initiative WE TAKE CARE we therefore not only optimise our company group in terms of ecological, economic and social aspects but also set these high standards for our partners.
At the same time we advise and support our customers and partners with regard to a sustainable production. To give an example, we provide retailers with our know-how and application expertise to evaluate production processes and chemicals in use and give recommendations for a responsible chemical management.

More detailed information is published in our annual sustainability report.

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