CHT's recycling sector has a good perspective

CHT Recycling

From bottle to fibre – this was one of the starting points for CHT when they first dealt with PET recycling eight years ago. In the meantime, recycling of plastic materials has become a successful application field with a strong future potential for the CHT Group.

In the recycling process the plastic material is first ground, and the resulting flakes are then exposed to a cleaning process with water.
Our process chemicals TUBIWASH, TUBIFOAM and TUBIWET boost the cleaning effect and help separate the PET from the other plastics.

Increasing raw oil prices repeatedly raise the polymer costs for production. The worldwide consumption of PET drinking bottles has additionally increased. As a consequence, the global recycling quota of PET has grown for years. In 2014, about 9.7 million tons of PET bottles have been collected, whereas a figure of about 12.5 million tons is predicted for the year 2018. CHT's recycling sector benefits from this worldwide growth: Its average annual growth is approximately 20 %.

Our Product Development deals with topics such as efficiency and economy in the near future in order to optimise the recycling processes for our customers furthermore. In the coming years, the CHT Group will expand the recycling sectors all over the world even more to secure additional market shares.