CHT Group joined hands with PEXIMP Trading Corporation

CHT Group - one of the leading names for high quality, environment friendly and sustainable textile chemical products and PEXIMP Trading Corporation recently signed a contract to announce their collaboration in a jointly organized symposium held on 14th February 2016 at Ramada Plaza Hotel, Karachi.

While hosting the Symposium, Ms. Nida Khalid Sheikh, Assistant Manager Customer Services, CHT Pakistan (Private) Limited highlighted that last year has been remarkable for CHT Pakistan (Private) Limited. With a proactive and strategic approach, strong product portfolio and tremendous customer services, we have achieved highest ever production and annual revenues. In future, CHT Pakistan will be looking forward to synergize energies and expertise with the reputable and reliable names in the market to facilitate our customers.

Introducing PEXIMP Trading Corporation, Mr. Muhammad Parvez, Managing Director and Partner of PEXIMP Trading Corporation said, “I would like to welcome all the participants of the Symposium. PEXIMP has been serving the market with its state-of-the-art technical services and products since 1978 and we are grateful to collaborate with CHT Pakistan (Private) Limited.”

Mr. Christian Baggi representing CHT Technical Service Department of Textile Pretreatment/Dyeing said, “In pretreatment optimal preparation is everything. The textile material is optimally prepared for subsequent processes such as dyeing, printing or finishing. Our product range for pretreatment ensures an optimal cleaning of natural and chemical fibres in short and efficient processes. It also includes many products for special applications. “ He added, “Colors give textiles a special meaning. We have extensive product range and our dyeing auxiliaries impart the desired depth and brilliance to colors. We are continuously developing new products and processes that help to save time, water and energy.”

Mr. Rainer Berndt representing CHT Technical Service Department of Textile Finishing/Coating said, “Our finishing agents are an indispensable component in the textile finishing chain. With quality and efficiency, we offer a balanced product mix of well proven auxiliaries as well as innovative and individual solutions.”

“CHT BEZEMA Group has joined hands with PEXIMP Trading Corporation for marketing and sales of chemical auxiliaries for exhaust customers in Karachi, Pakistan. The resilience of Pakistan textile industry which despite all odds attracts international players to come into Pakistan and make new investments and business partnerships to increase their presence. CHT Pakistan has been working since 2005. The recent launch of this association displays CHT BEZEMA’s interest in Pakistan textile market to facilitate customers by offering value-added solutions in compliance with the international standards.” Mr. Haroon Ali Khan, Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director, CHT Pakistan (Private) Limited.


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