New company’s name - CHT R. BEITLICH GmbH becomes CHT Germany GmbH

After introduction of its new corporate identity and its new brand identity at the beginning of April 2017, the CHT Group, the worldwide operating group of companies for specialty chemistry, takes the next consistent step. The CHT Group adapts all company names worldwide to the umbrella brand of CHT.

Since the foundation of the group of companies more than 60 years ago, the number of CHT subsidiaries increased to more than 20 worldwide. Over the years a colourful variety of company names have been created.

With the introduction of a unified corporate identity for all subsidiaries and for the whole group of companies in April 2017, we also had the objective to appear as entity worldwide and to assist all customers and business partners under the familiar umbrella brand of CHT.

For this reason the CHT Group decided to designate all companies uniformly worldwide. The company’s name of CHT R. BEITLICH GMBH becomes CHT Germany GmbH as of 05.10.2017. The German headquarters located in Tuebingen, being also the headquarters of the Group, follows the CHT subsidiaries in South Africa, Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland who have already completed the change of name. Further changes as in Turkey or in China still have to be done.

With all necessary adjustments, it is merely a change of name. Contact persons, corporate form, and all important contact data, like e-mail addresses and website are kept unchanged.


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