CHT Group joins ZDHC as Contributor

  • CHT Group becomes a Value Chain Contributor of the ZDHC Foundation, effective by July 1st, 2019

  • CHT appreciates the effort of ZDHC to manage textile chemicals along the complete value chain by one global systematic approach

  • For CHT Group this is one step closer to a global sustainable textile production

  • CHT has more than 1,600 products listed in the ZDHC Gateway database since February 2018

CHT considers sustainability as long-term and successful part of its future strategy, rooted in the company vision.

Furthermore, it is the intention of CHT to strongly support initiatives that aim to eliminate unacceptable hazardous chemicals from the supply chains.

Sustainability in the textile field means to CHT that all partners along the textile chain need to cooperate in order to define the best solutions for chemicals and processes that ensure sustainable textile production.

To our understanding it is necessary that all partners within the textile supply chain cooperate and support the goal of constituting one evaluation systematic for chemical products and management instead of developing constantly new and individual requirements and standards.

“With the effort and the progress ZDHC has made since its foundation in order to improve sustainability within the textile and leather supply chain, we think it is the right time to intensify the good cooperation of the chemical suppliers and the ZDHC Foundation in order to move the international textile supply chain towards a more sustainable textile production”, states Ralf Kattanek, CHT Group Vice President Textiles, responsible for the CHT textile business globally.

“Therefore, we as CHT Group are happy to join the ZDHC Foundation by July 1st 2019 as Value Chain Contributor. And we are even more happy, that also other important international key suppliers have decided to do the same step as CHT”, adds R. Kattanek. “In a strong alliance of chemical suppliers and with the other industries represented by ZDHC, too, we will be able to improve the chemical management of textile manufacturing”.

CHT Group is supporting “The ZDHC Foundation” since 2011,” says Adreas Bayer, Head of Product Safety of CHT Group. “In the meantime, there are approximately 17,000 products for finishing textiel and leather articles uploaded in the ZDHC Gateway. CHT has a high share with more than 1,600 products in the ZDHC Gateway.” And he additionally adds: “By that we are showing a strong committment to ZDHC and we are proud that more than 85 % of these up-loaded products achieved the Level 3 regarding conformance with the ZDHC gateway systematic”.


Joint announcement of chemical suppliers to contribute to ZDHC:

CHT Group is a proud member of the Global Chemical Industry Round Table initiative (GCIRT) and is very happy to announce today our decision to join the ZDHC Foundation as a contributor. We have uploaded our key products into the ZDHC Gateway Chemical Module and support the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL) and the related “pyramid” conformity system designed to eliminate duplicative approaches. This is the fundamental base to the success of ZDHC and all stakeholders of the textile value chain. CHT will actively engage in various task forces focused on supporting the continuous improvement programs of ZDHC. As such CHT, together with the GCIRT Initiative, look forward to a close and open cooperation with all stakeholders of ZDHC.



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