BeSoEFFECTIVE | The New Brand & Retail Communication of the CHT Group

Nowadays, active people expect that their textiles not only look good and fit comfortably but that they additionally withstand every situation and have a long lifetime. The CHT Group, a worldwide supplier of textile chemicals, offers a wide range of functional and sustainable effects for this field. These effects meet all of the textile requirements - thus they are real “Smart effects with character“.

CHT has an innovative product portfolio which deviates from standard products and meets therefore all of the demands. With the new brand name “BeSo” (“Best Solution”) ten current effects are at the start. As the functionality is in the focus, the brand name is supplemented correspondingly. This results in a clear structure of the CHT range of effects: BeSoCOOL stands e.g. for a textile finish with temperature control properties.

Each effect communicates visually with concise and symbolic imagery. This type of text and image communication focuses on product performance and benefits in a clear and emotional way. Each consumer knows exactly what he or she purchases. The icons support this by showing the benefit at a glance.

Besides high quality effects, dyestuffs and chemical solutions, the CHT Group stands for sustainability and global service, which is expressed in our daily expertise. The Brand & Retail Service is a competent partner and consultant to the brands of the textile market.

With the uniform brand identity and the successful integration of the new concept into the existing corporate communication the activities on the market are to be strengthened furthermore and a modern, future-oriented appearance of the group of companies is to be achieved.


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