BeSoEFFECTIVE communication concept of the CHT Group is honoured with the GWA Effie Award 2019

RTS Rieger Team and Rebekka Bochmann (Textile Marketing CHT Group)

RTS Rieger Team and Rebekka Bochmann (Textile Marketing CHT Group)

Since 2018 the CHT Group has broken new ground in communication with BeSoEFFECTIVE. Complex chemical interrelations are translated into simple and hardly technical words in combination with stylistically clear pictures.

The Best Solutions BeSo were specifically tailored to the communication with the target group of textile brands and retailers and do therefore not only appeal classic B2B clients but are also visible and comprehensible for end consumers of textile goods.

The agency RTS Rieger Team from Leinfelden-Echterdingen that had already supported the new brand identity of the CHT Group in 2017 assisted CHT again in developing and creating the BeSoEFFECTIVE concept.

One year after its publication, the communication concept has now achieved great success. BeSoEffective was honoured with the GWA Effie Award 2019 in bronze in Frankfurt am Main on 14th November.

Since 1981 the Effie has been awarded for efficiency in marketing communication by the Gesamtverband Kommunikationsagenturen GWA (general association of communication agencies). Its not exclusively the convincing look or content of campaigns that is honoured by the jury of experts with the GWA Effie Award but its rather the proven success and efficiency of such ideas and campaigns. By using the BeSoEFFECTIVE communication the CHT Group has so far increased the brands & retailers demand for innovative effects by about 30 %.

All benefits regarding the performance and sustainability of textiles finished with CHT products are put in a nutshell by BeSoEFFECTIVE. The brand promise BeSo (Best Solution) is supplemented by an effect name deriving from the corresponding functionality BeSoCOOL, BeSoFRESH or BeSoSMOOTH. Thus, each effect of the portfolio is given a uniform yet individual branding and a clear structure. The functionality of each effect is supplemented by pronounced and symbolic pictures which visually stress the benefits.

Eric Knehr, Head of Brand & Retail Service of the CHT Group states: "To us its of utmost importance to speak our target groups language. Therefore, our BeSoEFFECTIVE campaign focuses on a clear communication with unique pictures and a uniform effect branding. Our customers positive reactions and this award prove, that our strong concept optimally supports our daily work as well as market and customer demands. However, it also puts the excellent performance of our innovative and sustainable effects into the right light."

BeSoEFFECTIVE Folder and Hang-Tags

BeSoEFFECTIVE Folder and Hang-Tags


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