Disinfectant wash care at 40 C and 60 C on liquid basis with the BEIBLEACH POWER ACTIVE process.

The requirements for modern textile care in the health and food sector are very high. With minimal energy input and maximum laundry protection, highest purity and safe disinfection must be achieved.

With our BEIBLEACH POWER ACTIVE system you get an efficient, energy-saving and resource protecting care treatment on batch washing systems and wash extractors.

2 temperatures 1 solution the BEIBLEACH POWER ACTIVE process is very efficient already at 40 C. Being a modular system based on three products, the process can be used at 40 C as well as at 60 C and has been registered for listing at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) according to 18 IfSG (Infection Protection Act).

With this system it is not necessary to switch detergents and the products remain the same at both treatment temperatures. Only the application amounts of the products must be adjusted to the wash conditions.

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