Successful apprenticeships at the BEZEMA AG

Several apprentices of the BEZEMA AG could demonstrate their ability at this year's final apprenticeship exam.

After three years of exciting, interesting, informative and intensive work all six apprentices of the BEZEMA AG successfully passed their apprenticeship. Congratulations to:

Livia Hasler, sales assistant EFZ

Sarah Köppel, sales assistant EFZ

Matthias Bleiker, sales assistant EFZ

Patricia Ledergerber, laboratory assistant EFZ Textile

Samuel Sonderegger, laboratory assistant EFZ Textile

Lucas Heule, laboratory assistant EFZ Chemistry

(EFZ = Swiss Certificate of Competence)

After strenuous months of learning and exams the final dinner was a fitting frame where the apprentices, their parents and vocational trainers raised their glasses to the good performance.

"We are glad that our apprentices were able to successfully pass their apprenticeship, so that they can now start a new stage of life. We would like to thank them for their commitment during the apprenticeship and wish them all the best for their future", states Jenny Kämpf who is responsible for Human Resources and apprentices at BEZEMA AG.

CHT Successful apprenticeships at the BEZEMA AG