Apprentices as “One Team” | Event in the Allgäu Alps in June 2017

Every two years, CHT apprentices belonging to one of first three years of apprenticeship are invited to get to know each other in an educational way and to strengthen their teamwork.

Supported by the Reinhold Beitlich Foundation, the 21 apprentices from the German CHT R. Beitlich GmbH sites (Tübingen, Dußlingen and Oyten) spent three days of action, fun together with a big portion of teambuilding in the beautiful Allgäu Alps.

By group exercises on topics such as communication, cooperation and finding one’s own limits, the participants were motivated to pull together - according to the motto "One Team"!

High up in the air of the climbing forest “Bärenfalle”, the participants were to show courage and sporty team spirit and strengthen their self-confidence. After some short safety instructions, the participants were able to climb courses with different difficulties according to their own limits. Through mutual encouragement and support, some personal hurdles could be overcome.   

Team spirit, organisation, creativity and craftsmanship were needed to build their own rafts. Under the assistance of a professional trainer and with a limited number of equipment, the apprentices had to build floatable and safe team rafts. The floaters were then tested for their suitability on the Iller. The 7 kilometer long river trip that followed was a very nice challenge which all passed with flying colours. Afterwards the positive as well as the negative aspects of the teambuilding measures were discussed. The aim of this event was to not only have fun together, but also to contribute and develop personally and in a team.

Our sincere thanks goes to the Reinhold Beitlich Foundation for their support and training of the young CHT apprentices.