CHT adopts Agenda 2020

Basis for the continuity of tradition and economic success

  • CHT plans on increasing the profitable sales of the company group up to 500 million EUR by 2020
  • The corporate vision sets an ambitious goal
  • Strategy - Agenda 2020 – paves the way for a successful course for the future and defines projects and measures in all company fields.
  • Focus is on ONE Company – achieving more together
  • Tradition, innovation and sustainability remain the basis for future growth

Already mid 2015, the management team led by CEO Dr. Frank Naumann was faced with the ambitious as well as interesting task of setting a new target definition for the company group. At this point already it became apparent that the objective set for the mission 2015 would be reached by the end of last year. As previously reported, the Group ended 2015 with a record sales figure of 409 million EUR.

To continue the success story of the company, CHT already started the beginning of last year to revise the strategy process to "Agenda 2020".

Formulation of the company’s vision underlines the intention of our management to contribute to a sustainable future based on tradition as foundation-owned company. "With our corporate vision, the CHT Group as preferred partner and leading reference for sustainable chemical solutions on our markets all over the world, we deliberately set a challenging target", so the words of CEO Dr. Frank Naumann.

"This means that we also set very challenging goals to our Research and Development in order to provide early chemical solutions even before they become necessary by the market or through legal requirements. Fluorine-free water and oil repellency is such a challenge. Aside from the textile industry, paper and façade paint industries need the right products."

We are a reliable partner for our customers all over the world and differ from other suppliers on the market through special customer service, innovation power and outstanding product qualities. In order to remain first choice for our customers in the future and to close the gaps in market development, we are increasingly focusing on the development of products and process solutions that meet the growing global demand for process optimisation and thus reduction of water, energy and resource consumption. In order to achieve this and to take better advantage of our business potential, it is of growing importance to merge to a seamless organisation within our international team. And this means: ONE Company.

"Of course the Agenda 2020 also includes a financial target. Within the next four years we aim at increasing our profitable sales by another 100 million EUR", a very ambitious goal as Dr. Naumann points out. "However, we will achieve this only if we act together as ONE company and in this way implement our strength on the market."

To support the "young" business fields Construction and Assembly, General Industries and Textile Care, CHT is investing in building up structures in order to generate an above average sales increase with clear market position in the aimed markets and to become first choice of our customers in these fields, too.

By formulating the strategy Agenda 2020, our management also committed itself to internal company developments aside from the clear market position.

Dr. Naumann says, "Our aim is to offer safe working places all over the world." Moreover, we want to offer all staff members a working environment that is not only safe, but can be called "great". Therefore, our management is deciding together with the employee representatives what further measures are needed for such a great working environment.

From the initiated values discussion in 2013, we started with the activity "Walking in my Shoes" in 2016. Managers work together an entire day with a colleague from a different department. This activity led to more communication, understanding and better getting to know each other. All participants considered it to be a success and it shall be continued in the future.

This is just one example how a great working environment can be achieved in many different ways:

Investments in modern production facilities, as in the case of paste production in Dußlingen, make sure that CHT can cover a growing worldwide demand for these speciality pastes from Germany, thus ensuring the preservation of jobs. Moreover, these working places are equipped with latest safety technology and thus contributing to a "great working environment".

To sustainably anchor our corporate values and management principles in the working environment, about 100 international managers are currently being trained in a three year training programme based on the internationally recognised and proven concept entitled "The 7 ways to efficiency". These "7 ways" allow us to develop a shared management culture way beyond country borders.

In the field of manager training the company group decided to take a new and individual path in 2016. According to the demographic development we are already faced with difficulties when manager positions have to be occupied. Now the company group started the "Next Generation Leaders" project. Each organisation could appoint employees who are considered to have leadership potential. From more than 30 nominations, the management picked out 16 women and men from all CHT companies to take part in a 3-year internal training programme to prepare them for possible manager tasks. "We expect to be able to give young people with potential a long-term perspective and at the same time to individually train them according to the needs of the company", so CEO Dr. F. Naumann.


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