CHT Silicone Experts | Discover the CHT Group's world of silicones

The CHT Group is your best choice for specialty silicone solutions. As a strong global partner, we offer the full range of silicone technologies for extensive applications. We stand for innovation and customization, thus we are committed to finding the solution that is best for you and your individual requirements.

You can rely on our international teams of highly skilled silicone experts for experience, know-how, technical and personal service that will surpass your expectations. We welcome your high demands and your challenges, regardless of the size.
Our combined teams are looking forward to proving this to you.

  • Top Management

    Top Management

    By combining CHT and ICM Silicones Group we have become a globally leading company for specialty silicones.

    Under the CHT umbrella brand, we will develop a global and innovative silicone trademark with our teams and lead as one into a secure future.

    It is our promise to offer a positive and trustworthy perspective to all of our employees, customers and partners.

    Whenever you are looking for a silicone chemical solution, we want to be your first choice worldwide.

  • R&D

    Research & Development

    With our combined silicone competence, we find and develop creative and innovative solutions that are tailor-made to your requirements.

    Silicone chemistry and creative molecule design along with a strong focus on future technologies have always been our passion.

  • Sales


    We are constantly on the road and active for you.

    It is our conviction that personal customer contact is the best way to find solutions for your unique requirements.

    It is our passion to advise and support you competently and thoroughly, because we see your success as part of our responsibility.

  • Technical Service

    Technical Service

    Thanks to our worldwide corporate network, we can offer you helpful information, technical support and the know-how for application wherever you are.

    Together with our colleagues in research and development we are passionate about finding the best possible solution for your unique application.

    In our application laboratories, we support you with specific test methods and whenever you want it we can provide you with first class on-site support.

  • Technology Management

    Technology Management

    We live and think silicone.

    The collaboration of our international teams multiplies in our transatlantic silicone know-how, enabling us to offer you competitive advantages.

    More than ever, we ensure the permanent development of forward-thinking technologies and products.

  • Research & Development 2

    Research & Development

    Silicone is our common language.

    In cooperation, we consistently develop innovative ideas to meet our customers' requirements. We know how important speed-to-market is, especially in the case of future-oriented industries, and therefore we work closely with you to quickly achieve excellent results.

    We passionately pursue this goal together – now, and in the future.

  • Sales 2


    Wherever and whenever our customers need us, we are at their side. No distance is too far for us and no challenge too high.

    It is our task to work with you to find the right chemical solution for your problem.

    If you need something, even if you only have a short question, you can always rely on our competent support.

Extensive silicone portfolio and know-how

  • Aerospace applications
  • Agricultural applications
  • Automotive applications
  • Bonding / Sealing
  • Chemical formulation
  • Electronics / LED
  • Encapsulation / Potting
  • Energy applications
  • Food processing
  • Health care / Dental
  • Home and Car care
  • Leather production
  • Liquid injection molding
  • Lubrication
  • Mould making
  • Pad printing
  • Personal care / Cosmetics
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Release agents
  • Rubber and Plastics industry
  • Alkoxy silicones
  • Amido silicones
  • Amino silicones
  • Carbinol siloxanes
  • Carboxy siloxanes
  • Crosspolymer Gels
  • Gum Blends & Dispersions
  • Hydrogen siloxanes
  • Liquid silicone rubber
  • Mouldmaking silicones
  • Potting Compounds
  • Silicone Adhesives
  • Silicone Antifoams
  • Silicone E-Beads
  • Silicone Elastomers / Rubber
  • Silicone Emulsions
  • Silicone Glycol
  • Silicone Grease
  • Silicone Primers
  • Silicone Quats
  • Silicone Waxes
  • Silicone-PU Copolymers
  • Thermally conductive silicones
  • Vinylsiloxanes

Silicone Solutions | Contacts and more details

Potting and encapsulation, Thermal and electrical conductivity, Adhesives
Consumer Care / Cosmetics
Body and hair care, Cosmetics, Home and Car Care
Model and Mould making
Architecture, Statuary, Special effects, Prototyping, Food grade applications
Health care
Prosthetics, Padding, Sports bandages

+49 7071 154 202 (Germany)


Liquid injection molding with silicone rubber
Formulation /
Industrial processing
Additives for formulators, Defoaming, Releasing and lubrication auxiliaries

+49 7071 154 211 (Germany)
+1 269 445 0847 (USA)


Plant protection, Soil treatment, Process auxiliaries

+49 7071 154 202 (Germany)
+1 269 445 0847 (USA)


Additives for Wet-end and finishing