Apprentice Laboratory Textile (m/f) EZF (Swiss Federal Certificate)

In various laboratories, laboratory assistants EFZ textile take over technical application, textile-related tasks such as:

  • Preparing textiles for various treatments
  • Dyeing and printing all different kinds of textiles
  • Testing the stability of dyes towards external influences
  • Examination of chemicals, mixtures and other substances
Apprentice Laboratory Textile (m/f)

You bring along:

  • You like performing chemical textile trials and doing experiments
  • You are very interested in textiles and chemicals
  • You are patient and have endurance
  • You are reliable and you work precisely
  • You have fun working in a team
  • You are not colour blind
  • You have a secondary school diploma


Apprenticeship with vocational school diploma possible

Duration: 3 years / school: GBS in St. Gallen