Kim Zeger

At a glance

Name Kim Zeger
Born 1994
Studies B.Sc. Applied Chemistry
Employed as Intern writing her bachelor thesis
Duration March - September 2017
Department Central Research & Development Surfactants and Additives

Why have you decided to do your internship at the CHT Germany GmbH resp. to write your thesis?

I was interested in working with textiles and detergents. Therefore, I sent an unsolicited application to CHT. I enjoyed the job interview and considered the tasks and activities to be interesting. Moreover, the company is easy to reach by public transportation.


What are the main tasks of your job?

My main current task is examining the absorbency of greige cotton after various treatments. Therefore, I work in the laboratory most of the time.
I mainly apply different washing and bleaching solutions on greige cotton and let them dwell. Then, I wash off these specimens, let them dry and test their absorbency. In addition, I extract the hydrophobic substances and pass these extracts to Instrumental Analytics for a further analysis.


What do you like most about your job, what challenges you?

I enjoy observing the changes and improvements after the different treatments. To me the correct interpretation and analysis of the results is particularly challenging because there is a great number of influencing factors.


What was the largest benefit for your further studies / working life?

Since I had always worked in other industrial fields and had therefore not got any insight into the daily work at a chemical company, the internship at CHT helped me a lot.


Why do you like working for CHT? Why is CHT a good employer in your opinion?

The working climate is good and the atmosphere is friendly. All the colleagues were very nice to me and helped me whenever they could. What’s more, CHT puts great emphasis on safe working conditions. Trainings on completely different topics are offered. The Management is interested in the employees’ opinion.


Have your expectations for the internship resp. the final thesis been fulfilled?

Yes, they have.


What shall someone bring along when applying for an internship or for a final thesis (Bachelor, Master)? Do you have any tips for the application?

It is absolutely important to be interested and motivated. Applicants ought to inform themselves prior to applying to CHT and ought to have know-how in this field. Apart from that, you should just be yourself and check if this position is the right choice for you.