Heiko Mötzung

CHT Heiko Mötzung

At a glance

Name Heiko Mötzung
Born 1995
School leaving certificate High school graduation
Apprenticeship/ site Bachelor of Arts Industry, Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University  (DHBW) / Tübingen-Dusslingen
Duration of apprenticeship 3 years
Entry date September 2014
Departments Production, Logistics, Purchasing, Marketing, Order Processing, Customer Service Center, Sales,  Bookkeeping, Controlling, Human Resources, Corporate Development,  IT



Why have you decided to do your apprenticeship at CHT Germany GmbH?

I wanted to study at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) and CHT offered me a position.
Decisive for me was the fact that in the chemical field I could also stay close to my second field of interest: Natural Science.


What did you do in the past months of your apprenticeship?

I was entrusted with a project in the marketing department where I analysed the social use of media in the chemical field and I was to show the goals CHT can achieve with the right platforms or not.


What new tasks are awaiting you for the time coming?

After working for the Customer Service Center I will switch to Technical Sales and will accompany the Sales Representatives to  their customer visits.


Why do you like working for CHT? Why is this company a good employer?

The congenial cooperation is very good at CHT, which creates a nice working climate.


What do you like for the most part of your apprenticeship?

I like getting an insight into many different departments, which gives me a total overview on the different steps required for processing a customer order. It ranges from the incoming orders, planning and production up to the shipping of the goods to the customer. This way, it becomes evident why the cooperation of different departments is of such great importance.


What challenges have you experienced?

Getting up that early during my time in the early production shift in Dusslingen as well the unfamiliar physical work there.


Have your expectations been fulfilled?

Yes, they were even exceeded.


What should you bring along when planning a "Bachelor of Arts Industry" study?

Sociability is of major importance because you work very frequently with other colleagues and very often switch to a new working environment due to the changing departments.