Sebastian Laux

CHT Sebastian Laux

At a glance

Name Sebastian Laux
Born 1986
Apprenticeship/ Studies Material scientist with diploma
Entry date September 2014
Department/ Position Technical Service Recycling Assistant



Why have you decided to start your career at CHT Germany GmbH?

During my studies I was already highly interested in plastics, so that I wanted to work with this type of material. The international contacts facilitated by the frequent travelling attracted me additionally. I appreciate it that I can actively contribute to sustainability.
Finally, CHT resp. the colleagues convinced me in the job interviews. The agreeable atmosphere and the strong social component particularly attracted my attention.


What are the main tasks of your job?

I support our customers and staff in all questions about the topic "recycling of plastics". Among these tasks there are laboratory tests, trainings of staff members as well as the technical support on site.


What do you like most about  your job, what challenges you?

Due to the versatile tasks in the ever changing field of recycling working for CHT is never boring. I cooperate closely with our Sales, Production and Development.
Moreover, working with people from other countries is great fun. With my travelling and my daily communication I can gain significant intercultural experience.


Why do you like working for CHT?

The "sense of unity" is very strong at CHT. When you start working here you soon recognise that CHT does not rest on its former successes but that it optimises existing processes furthermore and invests a lot in the future.


Why is CHT a good employer?

To me the company's social commitment promoted by the foundation and the fact that there are a lot of investments in the future are remarkable. Despite the numerous affiliates all over the world the company group remains clear and the staff gets many insights into topics which do not mandatorily belong to the personal business area.


What shall you bring along for working in your position?

Enthusiasm, desire to travel, endurance and communication skills.