Bianca Hauck

At a glance

Name Bianca Hauck
Born 1983
Apprenticeship/ Studies Master of International Business Development (M.A.)
Entry date March 1, 2016
Department/ Position Senior Marketing Manager



Why have you decided to start your career at CHT Germany GmbH?

Looking for a new professional challenge, I came across the vacant position of a "Senior Marketing Manager (m/f)" at CHT. For a number of years I’ve been familiar with this company as a good employer and successful international company group. After getting a positive opinion from a CHT employee and friend –now my colleague – I decided to apply for this position.


What are the main tasks of your job?

My job includes the preparation of various market analyses, relaunching our corporate identity, a very exciting and great task which I mainly supervise as project manager and other diverse topics that come up in everyday business.


What do you like most about your job, what challenges you?

The diversity of industries where the CHT Group operates is very exciting and also demanding. Usually there is only one focus branch. There is a lot to learn and that‘s great.


Why do you like working for CHT?

The team and the colleagues are just great and very nice. Aside from exciting and new tasks, this is important to me for enjoying work every day.


Why is CHT a good employer?

The CHT Group offers its employees a great number of benefits which are no longer common in many SMEs. From company pension, participation rights to flexible working hours, etc. the CHT Group has simply a lot to offer.


What shall you bring along for working in your position?

Independent working, an open attitude towards new tasks and several years of work experience in the field of marketing and sales are certainly of great benefit.