Christian Haberer

CHT Christian Haberer

At a glance

Name Christian Haberer
Born 1993
School leaving certificate School part of advanced technical college certificate
Apprenticeship/ site

Chemical Production Technician/ Dusslingen

Duration of apprenticeship 3 years
Entry date September 2012
Departments Textile auxiliaries, paste production, powder reactors,  warehouse, workshop, laboratory, waste disposal



Why have you decided to do your apprenticeship at CHT Germany GmbH?

Chemistry is an interesting topic for me and because I needed an apprenticeship for the practical part of my advanced technical knowledge certificate.


What did you do in the past months of your apprenticeship?

Exam preparation and final exam.


What new tasks are awaiting you for the time coming?

Practical final exam.


Why do you like working for CHT? Why is this company a good employer?

The colleagues are nice, payment is good and food in the company cafeteria tastes good.


What do you like for the most part of your apprenticeship?

Going through the many departments makes the apprenticeship time very multifaceted.


What challenges have you experienced?

Getting used to working life.


Have your expectations been fulfilled?



What should you bring along when planning your apprenticeship as Chemical Production Technician?

Technical understanding, strength and endurance.