Timon Esser

At a glance

Name Timon Esser
Born 1990
Apprenticeship/ Studies B.Eng. in "Product and Processing Technique with Focus on Textile Technique", M.Sc. in "Textile Products"
Entry date 01.05.2016
Department/ Position Employee Technical Service Pretreatment



Why have you decided to start your career at CHT Germany GmbH?

  • I already got to know the company and its products during my studies
  • My position complies with the focus of my studies
  • I can assume responsibility directly after my studies
  • I appreciate the variety of application fields of this company


What are the main tasks of your job?

  • I support the business field and our customers with technical advice
  • I write the technical documents and information material to back up our technical sales
  • I coordinate and execute laboratory and industrial trials to test and evaluate products
  • I visit and advise customers when they have questions concerning the application technique to back up our sales
  • I present technical relations, laboratory results, completed projects and alike at internal or external technical events


What do you like most about your job, what challenges you?

  • My scope of duties is complex
  • I can assume responsibility in the team
  • I like to support customers and be present all over the world


Why do you like working for CHT?

  • The product quality is very high
  • Sustainability is a key factor in production
  • Human values are estimated, employees are respected as human beings
  • I appreciate the homely atmosphere
  • I like the open communication
  • The fact that Tübingen is a university city makes this site attractive


Why is CHT a good employer?

  • Young people are offered a chance after their studies
  • Career starters are individually advised and supported
  • The special type of enterprise secures employment
  • The company shows positive features in terms of health, family and social commitment


What shall you bring along for working in your position?

  • You ought to show passion and a strong will to achieve mutual targets
  • You enjoy taking over new challenges
  • You are willing to travel all over the world
  • You ought to have know-how in textile chemistry
  • You have skills and interest in machine technology relations
  • You are interested in the complete textile manufacturing chain