Niklas Cendrowski

CHT Niklas Cendrowski

At a glance

Name Niklas Cendrowski
Born 1996
School leaving certificate High school graduation
Apprenticeship/ site Chemical Laboratory Assistant/ Tübingen
Duration of apprenticeship 3.5 years
Entry date September 2014
Departments Technical Service Silicone, Technical Service Printing



Why have you decided to do your apprenticeship at CHT Germany GmbH?

The reason I decided to do my apprenticeship at CHT was primarily my impression during the interview and the subsequent one-week internship at the company . In this way I got an insight into my future work environment and was able to personally find out if the career as well as CHT as my employer met my expectations. At this time the general working environment and the fact of being treated so kindly by everyone helped me to make my decision for an apprenticeship at CHT Germany GmbH.


What did you do in the past months of your apprenticeship?

At the beginning of my apprenticeship we became acquainted with the company and were shown all departments as well as the production facilities in Dusslingen. My first working department was the Technical Service Silicone dealing with development and testing of many home care, car care and personal care products where silicone plays an important part. I learned to work with the necessary devices and how the processes work. One example is the development and testing of new car polish recipes. These included the independent production of car polishes and the subsequent tests as to stability, hydrophobic properties, gloss effect and polishability on a black test sheet.
In my second department (Technical Service Printing) I was occupied with the development of new printing paste recipes as well as testing single components of these print pastes like emulsifiers, dyestuffs or binders. The produced pastes were often printed onto various fabrics afterwards and tested.
Aside from working in various departments, I worked in the apprentices' laboratory on a regular base to prepare for the exams at school. Once a week we had in-company lessons to prepare for the theoretical exams.
This vocational training is a dual apprenticeship which means that in-between working in the company there are school blocks. Every 3 to 4 months the Kerschensteinerschule in Stuttgart is attended for a few weeks.


What new tasks are awaiting you for the time coming?

Aside from the upcoming school challenges and exams, new departments with new topics and working methods are awaiting me.


Why do you like working for CHT? Why is this company a good employer?

  • The entire company has a good working climate
  • I'm taken serious and my opinion is appreciated so that I am not "excluded" or have to do unimportant things
  • best preparation in the company for upcoming exams
  • the many departments and the broad activity fields of CHT enable me to get an insight into many chemical fields
  • CHT has very good  benefits and offers, especially for apprentices  excursions, dormatory rooms etc.


What do you like for the most part of your apprenticeship?

It's fun changing departments and learning new things.

I also like the dual apprenticeship system.


What challenges have you experienced?

At the beginning changing from school to a full working day was a big challenge.

Of course the fact that everything is new and getting to know so many new people is a challenge as well.


Have your expectations been fulfilled?

Absolutely: Working in the laboratory as well as the work surroundings fulfilled my expectations,  they even partially exceeded my expectations.


What should you bring along when planning your apprenticeship as Chemical Laboratory Assistant?

Chemical and physical knowledge are definitely of advantage. High school graduation is not mandatory, but it helps in school.

Capability to work in a team is very important.