Remuneration and services

Employees in Germany are remunerated according to the federal remuneration collective labour agreement for the chemical industry. All management employees receive bonuses based on fixed and target-oriented variables.

We have developed an individual bonus scheme specifically for senior executives and a performance-relates bonus scheme for non-management salaried employees. With these measures CHT Germany GmbH intends to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and action among our employees and to compensate for their performance in contributing to our economic success.

We further offer attractive benefits, for example:



Collective benefits

Our employees receive 95% of the monthly salary as a 13th salary and additional holiday pay.

Company pension plan

Our employees can join the company pension plan financed by CHT. The compensation amount can be supplemented by the employee contribution in a deferred compensation plan.

Anniversary bonuses, financial assistance in case of birth and weddings

Our employees receive special leave and additional pay for exceptional events (wedding, birth of a child, company anniversary etc.).

Employee participation schemes

Our employees can purchase participation rights or they can invest their capital in silent participation acc. to 19a EstG (Income Tax Act).

Company restaurant subsidy

The company restaurant at CHT offers a wide selection of dishes every day and is subsidised by CHT.