Industrial Management Assistant (m/f)

Industrial Management Assistants perform administrative and organisational tasks for example at the order processing, purchasing, human resources and accounting departments.

Is this right for me?

Yes, if 

  • ... You have a good school certificate at a level II commercial vocational school, with qualification to attend college or higher secondary school graduation certificate.
  • … You are interested in business processes and you speak English well.
  • … You are sociable and you are ready to learn and perform at your best.
  • … You are a team player and we can rely on you.
  • … You can take responsibility, have attention to detail and are persistent.



  • Purchase and manage raw materials, auxiliary materials and consumables; compare offers, deal with suppliers, manage incoming products and storage;
  • Prepare calculations and price lists, carry out sales negotiations with customers;
  • Plan, control and monitor production processes and prepare documents connected to orders;
  • Process, post and verify business processes;
  • Positions include: At the financial accounting, controlling and marketing departments, in human resources/general management, in corporate development and information technology, in sales and order processing, in purchasing and logistics


3 years (can be reduced to 2.5 years)

Training location:
CHT Tübingen
commercial vocational school in Tübingen


Positions available after training

Qualified clerk in all business areas.


Further development opportunities:

Business specialist (CCI), industrial/business expert (CCI), operations expert (CCI/VWA), different bachelor studies