Health management

The goal of our health management program is to ensure the long-term health and fitness of our employees and thus to improve the quality of their life continuously. Furthermore, we try to increase awareness and interest of each party to actively improve their health and well-being.

We provide comprehensive measures to create an optimum healthcare and health improvement system.

  • Information about health, for example health days and presentations about selected topics
  • Consultation of the occupational healthcare professional and regular preventive medical checks
  • Ergonomic workplace design
  • Courses and offers for different target groups on prevention, for example back training, relaxation techniques, company sports groups and groups sharing the same interests.
  • Healthy food at the workplace and cooking courses
  • Time and stress management seminars
  • Possibility to buy an additional private healthcare insurance at CHT group rates
  • Target-group oriented qualifications in different healthcare topics for management employees
  • Group-specific team events and workshops
  • Company integration management
  • JobRad the company offers the possibility of leasing a bicycle

and many more.