Which are the steps of the application procedure?

After receiving your application, we send you a confirmation of receipt shortly.

We check your application documents and we invite you for an interview if you have convinced us. A representative of the respective area of specialty and an employee from the HR department will take part at the interview. Personal impression is important for us: We would like to find out more about each other at the discussion. We get an overview of your capabilities and qualifications and you can find out more about the position at the CHT Group.

We invite you to a second interview depending on the vacant position and the number of applicants.

We contact you after the second interview at the latest and let you know about our decision. Ideally, we make you an offer of employment, training or the requested taster training.

Where can I find the right contact person?

You can find a contact person for Germany and Switzerland here.

Are you looking for the CHT contact data or contact person for a specific country or do you have any questions to our colleagues? Please contact our regional company directly in the worldwide section or click on the regional company specified in the job offer.

Should I include my salary expectations in the application?

If you apply for a position at one of our German companies you are encouraged to let us know about your salary expectations.

Which is the best way to send my application: online or by post?

In case of advertised positions you can find contact information and possibly special requirements on how to send your application. Please use the online form for your application, if possible. As a general rule, we also accept applications sent by email or by post.

Do the same terms and conditions apply worldwide?

The CHT Group includes self-sufficient companies, and therefore different terms and conditions apply in different countries. To find out more about the applicable country-specific regulations, please contact the regional company directly under CHT worldwide.

Do you also accept internal applications at CHT?

Yes, we place great emphasis on this aspect. Available positions are usually advertised internally first.

We support our employees to face new challenges or shift the focus of their professional activities. We strive to stimulate the professional personal development of our employees with a multitude of development opportunities.

What kind of information should my application contain?

Of course, the scope of an application depends on your previous experience and your level of education.
However, a selection of the following contents should be included in your application to the CHT Group:
A letter of application in which you briefly introduce yourself and explain your motivation for the position and for joining the CHT Group. In addition, your curriculum vitae and, ideally, copies of your job references from previous activities as well as relevant evidence / certificates and, if applicable, your last school report.

If you are applying for an internship, it is advisable to specify the period in which you would like to come.

Pupils and students are requested to send the last two certificates or the current performance records of the university and an enrolment certificate.

What will happen with my personal data?

All your disclosures will be treated confidentially and they are subject to the privacy policy. If you send us your application documents in writing, we will send them back to you by post.

What is your turnover rate?

The CHT Group has a very low turnover rate and the average length of service is very high. Basically we find it very important that our employees develop their full potential and they enjoy working at our company on the long term.

Where can I find more information about job openings available at the CHT Group?

You will find information about all international positions available here.