Chemical Laboratory Assistant (m/f)

Chemical Laboratory Assistants perform technical and analytical tasks at different laboratories.

Is this right for me?

Yes, if

  • … You have a good intermediate or higher secondary school graduation certificate.
  • … You are interested in chemistry and natural sciences.
  • … You are sociable and you are ready to learn and perform at your best.
  • ... You are a team player and we can rely on you.
  • ... You can take responsibility, have attention to detail and are persistent.



  • Perform analyses, syntheses and chemical and technical investigations independently
  • Work with simple mechanical devices and with complicated equipment
  • Record the tests, evaluations and results.


3.5 years (the term can be reduced)

Training locations:
CHT Tübingen (training laboratory and training at the company)
Kerschensteiner-Berufsschule Stuttgart (vocational school-block instruction)      

CHT Oyten, basic training at the University of Bremen;
Vocational school at Bremen


Positions available after training

Chemical Laboratory Assistant at research and development laboratories in different areas of application technology and analytics, quality-control or product safety departments.


Further development opportunities  

State-certified chemical technician (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), supervisor in the chemical industry (CCH), technical specialist (CCH), technical operations specialist (CCH), chemical engineer.