Career and family

We consider it important to give our employees the opportunity to find a healthy balance between their career and personal life. We therefore stand for the well-being of our employees and create conditions for them to help achieve a healthy balance between the different aspects of their lives.

We offer flexible working hours and home office schedules to support our employees in managing their time more efficiently between career, family and leisure.

Employees can specify their own working hours within the company work schedule from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM individually with the consent of their supervisor (without core working hours). Furthermore, there are different part-time work programmes available to adapt to the needs of our employees and of the company.

Besides the flexible work schedule, we support especially our employees with children or with family members requiring special care by giving them additional individual offers.

The CHT holiday care programmes relieve parents in the vacation period and are subsidised by the Reinhold Beitlich Foundation.